Dealers Aren’t Taking Charge of the Demand for Electronic Vehicles

According to a recent study by Sierra Club, Electronic Vehicles are not wildly available on most lots. The demand is there, but the study informs that dealerships are not keeping Electronic Vehicles in inventory, sales people are not prepared/educated to talk about electronic vehicles, or they are not charged or are unavailable for a test drive.

The Sierra Club conducted a multi-state study called Rev Up EVs, which examined the EVs shopping experience. Respondents visited 308 different auto dealerships across 10 states.

Rev Up EVs also found that…

  • Respondents were 5 times more likely to find no EV on the lot in the 9 other states involved in the survey, compared to California.
  • The average number of EVs on the lot in California was twice the average number on lots in the nine other states.
  • Respondents who asked to test drive an EV were told at 14% of the dealerships that the car was not sufficiently charged.
  • Of the visits to dealerships with at least one EV on the lot, respondents indicated that about 33% of the time, the sales person did not discuss the federal and state tax credits and rebates available to lower the cost of an EV.
  • Of the visits to dealerships with at least one EV on the lot, volunteers found that 42% of the time EVs were either “not prominently displayed: or were only “somewhat prominently displayed.”

Competitive Advantage

Your dealership has a competitive advantage if you have EVs in inventory, especially with National Drive Electric Week coming up September 10-18. The week is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

If you have EVs, you may want to reconsider how you are marketing that inventory. The Rev UP EVs study found that 65% of California drivers that were surveyed, wished there were more purchasing options.

You can also craft specific dealership social media posts around your EV inventory. Consumers are looking for these types of vehicles and it’s important you take advantage of it. A good place to start is by determining how to get your inventory in front of a national audience.

List Your Electronic Vehicle Inventory Nationally on eBay

eBay is a national marketplace that lets you market your inventory to customers all over the country. Your dealership can list inventory on eBay via a National Auction or National Classifieds.

National Classifieds

eBay has introduced a new option called National Classifieds that is getting traction and attention with dealers. Think Craigslist style listings, but with a much broader audience. This option is 100% hands free and by syndicating your pre-owned inventory to eBay, you can get national exposure for a set monthly fee. 

National Auction

Most eBay listings are in an auction-style format. Bidding on items in this format is fun for the consumer and gives them more control in the buying process. Dealers like National Auctions because every bid is a lead.

Consumers Are Using eBay

eBay builds consumer confidence with a number of programs to put the eBay shoppers’ mind at ease. They offer free vehicle history reports, financing options and consumers can even schedule a 3rd party inspection via WeGoLook.

As you can see from the Sierra Club’s Rev Up EVs study, there is a demand for Electronic Vehicles, but consumers are struggling to find them. Take advantage of this demand and promote your inventory nationally in a place where customers are looking for it.

Want more information?

If your dealership would like more information about using eBay to promote your Electronic Vehicle inventory, learn more here.

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