Getting to Know the New Posting Process


LotVantage simplifies the posting process with Standard and Simple modes.

Standard Mode is the normal posting process and gives dealers full control over posts, such as managing vehicle photos & editing the vehicle description. Turning on Skip Mode allows dealers to post faster by skipping to the Template selection step of the posting process.

Simple Mode is a quick and easy posting mode. It allows dealers to queue up multiple vehicles to be posted at a set time interval with minimal user input.

The LotVantage posting process guides dealers through editing and reviewing crucial information about the ad. First, is the posting category. If needed, the category can be changed from the default. Second, the title, price and description can be changed. Third, photos can be edited, deleted and added. Lastly, dealers can choose an ad template, edit vehicle details, select a banner, change marketplaces as well as preview the ad before it goes live.

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