LotVantage has a plan for dealers looking for growth opportunities in 2014


As we welcome in 2014, we can reflect on 2013. Our company learned a lot from some of the challenges that we faced and also held a wealth of opportunities. Our concentrated effort around improving dealer marketing was very successful and has proven we will only continue to strengthen our relationships as a result. LotVantage was able to meet and exceed the demands of many new and longtime customers. Our focus as a company along with hard work and our highly skilled team, allowed us to continue our world class service introducing new features that help manage your inventory online. Most importantly, our dealers that remained active and are still posting to Craigslist have seen impressive results.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Since December, Craigslist has seen over a 90% decrease in the total number of ads posted. We did some serious number crunching with our 2000 plus customer base and saw our dealers are generating 8 times more leads from their ads because of it! This is opening up huge growth opportunities for those ready to take on the challenge.

What Does That Mean?

Now more than ever, dealers need to be strategic when posting ads. They will achieve this by utilizing our detailed reporting analytics. It’s key to know the correct vehicles to post, so you can maximize your marketing efforts. With the new budget manager in place, this will help identify critical areas to focus on like:

  • Top selling vehicles
  • Peak traffic times
  • Conversion rates

You asked and we listened

Our dealers are telling us the value they are receiving by the consistent education and marketing material being provided to them by working with us. Resellers and dealers are now able to get their arms around the business critical data they have collected and understand more and more, how to apply the information on a daily basis, helping them drive more profits into their businesses.

Start it off right

These businesses are setting themselves up for a very fast start in 2014. LotVantage is using the powerful and robust reporting available to them to establish predictability and efficiency in their business. Using these tools and working with our sales and support staff will help translate your data and drive significant results every day. Education and training will continue to be a major part of our 2014 message.

Our Commitment

We will continue to make large investments into our client base, ensuring they have the right tools and are supported by the best possible people, systems and partners. 2013 also saw LotVantage making significant investments in our company talent, bringing in some of the top people in both this industry and the technology world. It is all about growth this year gang and LotVantage is looking forward to contributing to the present and future success of your businesses.

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