Staff Feature - Meet David Routen

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Name: David Routen
Title: Software Engineer

How long have you worked at LotVantage? How did you get your start?:

I’ve worked at LotVantage for nearly a year and a half. I got my start through a friend who worked at a recruiting company. He described the job, asked if I would be interested, and set up an interview after I told him that I would.

During my first interview, we video-conferenced with the lead developer (at the time) who was working remotely and was finishing up a master’s degree. After speaking with him for just a few minutes, I knew I wanted to work here. I’ve heard it said that if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. I’m in the right room.

Take us through a typical day for you at LotVantage:

The day starts in front of the Keurig. The type of coffee isn’t that important, just that there is coffee. I’ll carry my mug back to my desk, set up my workstation, and check my email for any new tickets, any new errors we are seeing through our error reporting software, or any company-wide memos.

After this, I check to make sure that any fixes we’ve put in have gone live and the tickets have been updated, so support can confirm that the issues have been fixed. Most days I already am in the middle of a project, so when I wrap this up—unless there are any priority tickets or errors—I take a few minutes to pick up where I left off the previous day. The rest of the day is often a jumble of finishing up projects and tasks, answering and asking questions about code or business decisions, and developer wrangling.

All of this is punctuated with a few games of ping pong on our converted boardroom table.

Something you like about working at LotVantage:

I really enjoy the people I work with; we have a lot of good people, a lot of smart developers here. I love being in a position where I can both learn and teach a lot on a daily basis.

Last place you traveled to:

New York City, though I’ll be heading to France, Ireland, and Iceland in two months.

Proudest moment so far working at LotVantage:

I’m not sure I have one favorite perk. I like the freedom we are given to tackle the projects handed to us. I’ve been able to work with a number of new and exciting technologies. It’s refreshing to work for an employer who believes in results over micromanaging.


Where do you live: Seminole Heights in Tampa

Family/pets: I’m extremely lucky because my parents, my middle brother and his family (his wife and my two adorable nieces), and my youngest brother all live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. My girlfriend Melissa and I also have two cats: a tabby named Rameses and a calico called Pumpkin.

I currently drive: Mazda 6

Favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Jurassic Park, Gladiator

Favorite band/musician: Vampire Weekend / James Taylor

In my spare time, you can catch me: Reading, playing soccer, playing hockey, baking, relaxing at the beach.

Most people don’t know this about me: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and lived in Paris (18ème arrondissement near Montmartre) for six months.

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be: New Zealand, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Galapagos Islands

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