Utilizing eBay Motors to Sell More Inventory


Historically, eBay Motors has had a stigma that it's only good for selling specialty inventory or old classic cars. Reality is, typical inventory mix on eBay Motors is 50% primary franchise model pre-owned and 50% conquest model pre-owned. While we can understand that maybe not all dealership inventory is “perfect” for eBay, not utilizing eBay can cost you sales each month. eBay provides the dealership with a unique opportunity to list inventory with a low starting bid price relative to the true market value of the product. What this does for your dealership is gives you a full lead list of potential clients that have given a commitment (albeit a low figure sometimes) to purchase your inventory. Your sales staff can now contact the lead and begin to work the sale.

There are a multitude of software products to post inventory on eBay Motors. Utilizing software that can seamlessly create an ad with all photos (eBay allows for up to 100), description, price, terms of sale, warranty information, etc is paramount to your success and time management.

LotVantage provides dealerships the ability to quickly post inventory on eBay Motors (disclosing all listing fees associated), up to date and dynamic templates with video integration for dealerships subscribed to YouTube service and color options to keep branding consistent, default settings for financing, warranty, shipping, terms of sale, and disclaimers, and an interface to view all current listings, views, watchers, bids, offers and buyer information.

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If you would like more information or a tutorial to get started using eBay Motors click the link or give a us a call now (866) 881-3329.


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